The Chaiya Art Awards 2023

These are the artists whose work has been selected for the 2023 Chaiya Art Awards Exhibition, taking place 7-16 April 2023 at the OXO and Bargehouse galleries on London’s Southbank. 

Over 770 entries were received in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, glass, textiles, photography, video and installations.  The quality of submissions was very high and we selected 200 works to be longlisted and then chose the final 120 for inclusion in the exhibition. 

We genuinely felt there were many interesting pieces which we didn’t select, but we are unable to include all works submitted. The judging panel have selected the artwork that they felt: contributed into the theme; met the published judging criteria; worked in the gallery spaces and combined with other pieces to make a dynamic exhibition.


Exhibition Artists

Margaret Ashman Trinity
Sara Aziz Milky Way over West Penwith (Winter at the Caravan)
Dohyun Baek Birth of Venus
Simon Ball Solidarity is love
Rosalind Barker Us-future 2022
Nicola Beattie Aeris
Jennifer Bell The Visionary
Jenny Blount Balance
Jim Bond Silver Blink
Alain E. Bressan Death
Larain Briggs Tahafucha
Toby Brockway Kinetic Wonder
Sandy Buchanan Dreams & Nightmares
Jeremy Bunce Portrait of Gin
Judith Burrows Fragile Earth D
Lucy Cade Beyond the Veil
Catherine Chambers Zewday and Mantagoshe (Awe and Wonder)
Fiona Charis Carswell GOLDEN HILL, HIDDEN POOL
Yen-Hsu Chou Suffering
Judy Clarkson But Now I see
Emma Clifton-Brown Unfolding Journey
Michael Coppelov Silicon Valley
Andrew Cowie Uprooted Reach
Silvie Cristofoli The Coming of Spring
Kate Crumpler Everlasting Joy
Dean de Barros Parallels
Lewis Deeney The Sun of Intelligence in the World of Ideas
Cesca Diebschlag White amaryllis ageing
Ian Douglass Sub Rosa
Inge DU Plessis Blue Bird
Janine Elizabeth Earth
Georgia Elliott Unforgiving Elements
Robert Elsdale Addiction
Jo Fairfax Japanese Zen Garden
David Garratt Living Creatures and Mechanical Parts
David Garratt Firmament and Fields
Suzanne Gibbs Nature and Technology
Kate Green Emerge
Stanley Greening Inattentional Blindness and the Absence of a Song
Dumo Guo Installation
Dawn Hajittofi Then there was light
Tom Hall The Circle
Marian Hall Be More Daisy
Rachael Harman Transcendence
Deborah Harrison Foetus
Trina Hart A Woman in Life
Emma Haworth In the morning, long before sunrise
Faith Heath God’s great mood board
John Hedley Ascending Olive Tree
Louise Higgs A glimpse of an Eternal World
Kaori Homma Lament over a city
Jane Houston Green BEYOND THE ROUTES 1
Angela Jackson Listen to the Bees And They Will Tell You Who Rules
Monica Jacobs Hold on
Paul James Odyssey
Craig Jefferson Gold Finches and Other Birds
Scapa Joe Giants
Stephen Johnston Portrait of a red chair
Oliver Jones #motherandchild

Exhibition Artists (cont)

Maureen Jordan Voix Celestes’ (Heavenly Voices)
Jessica Kerridge The Joy of Simplicity
Sahar Khosrojerdi In absence of Adam and Eve
Martin Kinnear Lethe
Heidi Kuivaniemi-Smith The Universe on Earth
Wiktor Kuta PARADISE
Li Ann Lee Mother’s Gaze
Mia Leijonstedt Portals Into Being
Ann Loscombe Ben Nevis in the Clouds
William Lowry Ophanim
William Lowry The Moth, the Madonna
W. K Lyhne The Flayed Ox
David McCulloch Advent(ure)
Sam McGoun Two Moons
Laura Merchant- Martin Numbed
David Millidge The Last Supper
Patrick Morales-Lee Covenant
Cindy Moreno Huitral
Ali Mulroy Still
Karl Newman Deep Blue
Abigail Norris Awaiting the Souls Return
Elisabetta Pancucci From Inside The Garden My Mother Could See The Whole Universe
Saroj Patel Mandala
Deborah Pearse The Temptation of St. Eve
Elcin Persson Mesmerizing
Steve Pill Untitled (Out to Sea #70)
Julia Polonski Hemmed
Julia Polonski Observer of Dreams
Amy Powell Simultaniously Sublime
Matthew Prior Manifestation!
Michael Sangster The Red Bird and the Mountain of Paradise
Maria Scard Eye of the Well
Maria Scard From One Degree of Glory to Another
Deborah Sedgwick Spiritual Aspirations
Robert Senior Lowering the Paralytic through the Roof
Andy Simpson All that I have left, an installation of light and sound
Karolina Skorek Transcendence
Anne Smith Space
Kendrick Snodin Barkby 244
Gina Soden Atrium
Gina Soden Peacock
Unu Sohn Welcome
Gayi Soori Sentry Epidermidis
Sarah Strachan Becoming III & IV, 2022
Tony Tanner Going Viral – Covid 19 – a Most Resilient Virus
AM Thomas Memento Mori III
Melody Thornton Melody fights the elders and saves Susanna
Csaba Tibor Palotas Awakening –  I am that I am
Amy Tiffany Hemingway Yirah & Kemopath
Annie Trevorah Rhythm
Helen White The Heavenly Jerusalem
Barbara Wielgosz Dream within a dream
Rosie Winn Stillness
Joy Wolfenden-Brown Ochre Light
Jill Woods Bathed in the Same Light
Xinyao Yu Wu Gui

Longlisted Artists

Emiko Aida Gathering
Charlotte Ashenden HOLY SPIRIT FIRE
Matthew Askey Awe and Wonder
Sally Baldwin Ghost Gum
Jessica Bleasby All things bright and beautiful
Rosie Burns Church – A  Body of People
Faye Campbell Untitled
Katie Carter Who Paints the Skies
Mark Cazalet Night Prayers 6
Teresa Chlapowski Gravitational Pull
Catherine Coombs My Father’s House Has Many Rooms
Annukka Costello Radiance
Jo Cross Faith.jpg
Mary Dalton Repotting Succulents
Ross Dalziel Queen Lizzie
Tallulah de Castro-Gray Transcendence
Gill Drew Take my hand
Louisa Figini Callistos, My Love
Caroline Forward Fragment ll
Ben Gamble Triune
Ronald Hellen Inspiration at Daybreak
Paul Henry Griffin Pebbles on the beach, stars in the sky
Chris Holley …and Weightless I Float
Liz Hood Everyday Epiphanies
Drew Horrobin Tranquility
Georgia Hrubiak Hand of Hope
Helle Johansen-Baker FERNWEH
Soon Yul Kang Endless Love
Niko Kapa Immobiliser
Jo Kay DNA
Ria Khaira Introspection
Daryna Kyrychuk Hope
Elizabeth Lee Rise
Hannah Lane Tyrant Spell
Zi Ling Time without Time
Nadezhda Lisak BEN
Vincent Louis Stokes Adoration of the Siblings

Longlisted Artists (cont)

Jenelle Marfo Bud
Kasia Markham Cave 2
Caia Matheson Ionosphere
Flow Maugran Ancestree
Constance McIntosh Smith Paradox of Existence
Jim McLean Eternity Skater
Michael McManus House of …’
Pauline Medinger “You Knit Me Together In My Mother’s Womb”(Psalm 139:13)
Paul Minter Moving Towards Tomorrrow
Clare Misselbrook Untitled
Peter Moseley Remembering the Past
Olga Prinku Blossom Canopy
Lynne Pugh The Spirit of God hovered over the deep water
Lynne Pugh Separating the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth
Claire Pugh The greater depth
Deborah Pugh Go with the flow
Janet Pullen Micro Meets Macro
Christine Roychowdhury Flight
Elisabeth Rutt Measureless
Anne Scott Flowerbomb
Caroline Slater Clifftop
Anna Smyth Solitaire
Helene Spocchia Sunrise over Sea
Graeme Swanson Entanglement
Judith Tutin The Incarnation
Judith Tutin Pentecost
Shirley Veater The Moment of Creation
Rowan Vuglar Death Becomes Us All, Living In Paradise
Zheni Warner The wall of flame through which all must pass
Al Warner Ogwen Falls
Helen White The Heavenly Jerusalem
Karen Winship Exploration and discovery

"“Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.”

Pablo Picasso