In the run up to the 2020 awards and winners exhibition, we are featuring each week an artist from our previous awards.  All the artwork was in response to the theme “Where is God in our 21st Century World?”

Karen Weatherbee

Resin, Acrylic, Metallic Embelishments, Collage on MDF framed
H: 64 x W: 94 cms

Click on above image to view it in larger size.

Intense colours and textures map a version of the cosmos and animate our choices of movement through it.  Has science superseded belief in faith?  The work describes a multiplicity of routes and intersections through which, with our freedom of will, we may choose our own path.

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Karl Newman

Oil on Canvas
H:140 x W118 cms

Click on above image to view it in larger size.

“Pressures compete within our busy and confusing world demanding our attention, time, money and resources.  In the ancient forests of north Sweden lies an isolated rudimentary fishing hut accessible only by foot.  There deep peace is made manifest in stillness, the unpolluted light revealing a star that leads.”

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