Welcome to 'GOD is ...' online exhibition

There is nothing quite like seeing art up close and personal, but for those who were unable to visit our gallery show in person, at London’s OXO gallery, here is the next best thing:  

From over 700 entries, the 50 visual artists featured in this juried and curated exhibition explore the theme “God is…” and encourage us to look beyond, to discern what cannot be seen and grasp what cannot be described.  

Do Vote for your favourite artwork
- Winning artist receives £500 prize

Scan the QR code below on the camera on your to access the voting app.  Each person is allowed one vote.
Alternatively, you can click here for a direct link


1. Press Start Guided Tour, instead of Enter Exhibition.  This will ensure you don’t miss any of the artworks.

2.  You can pause the tour at any point and press start to resume, OR click on an artwork to see close up view, and then use solid black arrows to see next piece or go back.

3. To view the artist’s inspiration for the piece, press the ‘ i ‘ in the circle, which will also give you more details, availability and price.

4.  Once you have visited the exhibition, you can exit detail view, and use the arrows to move around at will, or press the menu to go back to specific artworks.

This advice is to give you the best possible experience of this online art exhibition.


To download Online exhibition catalogue  click here

To see the Judges winners click here

The Public vote will be announced when exhibition closes.
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