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The Chaiya Art Awards 2018

These are the artists whose work was selected for the 2018 exhibition, those who were selected for the book and those whose work was longlisted. We received over 450 entries in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture and video, the quality of the work was astounding.

With so many submissions and a relatively small gallery to work in, it was never going to be possible to include all the work that we would have wanted to show. One or two of the submissions could have filled the entire space! Many excellent pieces ended up on the ‘cutting-room floor’, entirely owing to the constraints of space.

2018 Winners



for A Thousand Bottles of Tears (Ceramic)
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for Modern Wonder (video) To watch this video click here



for Naivety
(Charcol on Paper)



for Left Out (Sculpture)
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Bezalel Award

Shared between:
Elisabeth Rutt for I know all the Birds of the Hills
Deborah Tompsett for A Thousand Bottles of Tears 
Peter Codling for Naivety 
Marjan Wouda for The Other Lamb


Bridget Adams for Organised Kindness
ashar for The Suspense of Living on the Edge
Sheona Beaumont for Natal
Colin Booth for Jesus Wept
Rachel Ho for Scarred
Sue Lawty for Sequentia
Ana Mendes for This is my God (with Hsinyen Wei)
Karl Newman for Seek and You Shall Find

Exhibition List​

Adams, Bridget Adams for Organised Kindness
Iain Andrews for Corvus Corax
ashar for The suspense of living on the edge
Matthew Askey for Grenfell
Trevor Attwood for God
Sheona Beaumont for Natal
Colin Booth for Jesus Wept
Roz Bradbury for How do you see me?
Hannah Campbell-Wharam for Wildnerness
Isabela Castelan for Godless
Teresa Chlapowski for Where do we go?
Heather Christie for Enlightenment
Peter Codling for Naivety
Andrew Crawford for Beyond the edge of gone
Louise Davis for The Exiles
Mike Fryer for I keep God handy in my little box
Kate Green for In the detail
Rachel Ho for Scarred
Paul Hobbs for St Anmol
Simon Klein for Standing in between
Kirsten Lavers for Admitting the possibilities of error
Sue Lawty for Sequentia
Trudi Lloyd-Williams for Albedo
Ana Mendes for This is my God
Karl Newman for Seek and you shall find
Gina Parr for Last Fish Supper
Maxwell Rushton for Left Out
Elisabeth Rutt for I know all the birds of the hills
Simon Shepherd for The Real Thing
Sue Smith for Florescence
Mandy Smith for Genes
Julian Stair for Infant sarcophagus
Deborah Tompsett for A Thousand Bottles of Tears
Yue Wang for Koryo
Karen Weatherbee for Pathways
Stephanie Wilson for Shrouded in Mystery
Marjan Wouda for The Other Lamb

Exhibition Videos

claRa apaRicio-yoldi for Fragment edMemory click here
James Bingham for The Evangelist Romel click here
Jade Chorkularb for One Day, I will stop Crying click here
Susie David for Studies for the shipwrecked #1 click here
David Theobald for Modern Wonder click here
Anusheh Zia for Celestial Adhaan click here

Featured Book Artists

Includes above exhibition artists plus selected longlisted artists below. To buy book 1 click here.

Kate Brett for Here today, gone tomorrow
Mark Cazalet for Seen (Resonance Series)
Kate Crumpler for Clinging to Hope
Hania Farrell for Tondo ll
Alastair Gordon for Into the Laquearia
Joy Hillyer for Out of the Sacred Space 2
Craig Jefferson for Eternity in the Mind of Someone Living
Sarah Kelly-Paine for The Garden
Robert Koenig for Ark
Mark Lloyd for Eternal Singularity
Samuel McGoun for Dungeness
Genique Middleton for Woman at the Well
David Milidge for Jesus in Hollywood
Claudia Moseley & Edward Shuster for What Matters (The Scattering)
Tsogt Otgonbayar for Harmony
Lazaros Pasdekeis for Dancing Shoes
Jasmine Pradissitto for Quantum COnsciousness
Stephen Ritter for Soften – 233542
Leo Santos-Shaw for Nova Fallout Enlightenment
Simon Shepherd for Weapon of Mass Delusion
Lee Simonds for Vault your Ambition
Richard Stott for Road to Tomales Point
Tim Warnes for Peace Owl

Longlisted Artists

Annie-Marie Akussah for Go Slow, Go Slow
Judith Alder for In Praise of Renewal
Holly Budge for 96 Elephants a Day
Paul Chisholm for Provocation
James Choucino for Flat Pack Church (The Church of the Replication)
Simon Connolly for Murmuration of Starlings ‘Crown of Thorns’
Mevlit D’Jafer & Stephen O’Hare for Elemental Growth
Marie-Lorraine Gerard & Rodrigo Uceda for Enlightenment Crown 
Georgina Jeffries for Red Rubber
James Johnson-Perkins for The Assembly of the Gods
Jean Lamb for Memorial Triptych
Alana Leissle & Beth Sharkey for After Us, The Deluge 
Lucinda May for Starlings (where do you come from?)
Thomas Merrett for Flightless
Rebecca Newnham for Vermeer
Shinyoung Park for Semana Santa in Malaga & Londa
Oliver Pengilley for Grenfell Prayers
Sofie Redfern for Dead Air
Vincent Stockes for Class ‘A’ 

"“Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.”

Pablo Picasso