GOD is ...

The Chaiya Art Awards 2021

GOD is ...

We received over 700 entries for the theme ‘GOD is …’ We are thrilled that the artwork submitted has been moving and thought-provoking. Artists expressed their creativity and imagination in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, glass, textiles, ceramics, photography and video. The quality of the artwork entered was superb.

We narrowed the entries down to 50 pieces that the judges felt met the published criteria and worked in the gallery space to form a cohesive and exciting exhibition.

The exhibition was held at London’s OXO gallery during May and simultaneously online until the end of July 2021 and received over 4,000 visitors.



1st Prize £10,000

You Are Everything
by Fiona Morley

Stainless steel binding wire
W: 67 H: 114 D: 30cm


“Winning the Chaiya Art Prize meant the world to me, and it came as a huge surprise. It has raised my artistic profile and as a consequence have recieved many more commissions.  The £10,000 prize will go toward achieving my long term dream of translating my sculptural works to a much larger and outdoor scale, which opens a whole new art landscape for me. A dream come true! ”  Fiona Morley, 2021 Winner.

Judges Choice Awards

Listed in alphabetical order by artist


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Winners’ Exhibition


Bridget Adams for Ghouta, Syria
John Afflick for Humanitas
ashar for In the silence
Sinead Attwell for Unseen
Jennifer Bell for God is – The Rest
Larain Briggs for Alpha and Omega
Christy Burdock for Who Has Seen The Wind?
Wendy Campbell-Briggs for Erosion: God is betrayed
Teresa Chlapowski for Soul Within
Sarah Choi for Being
Judy Clarkson for Conversation
Wayne Clough for God is not a polemicist
Emma Elliott for Reconciliation
Jo Fairfax for God
Mourl Ferryman for Tender Angel of Light
Jake Flood for Reflection
Claire Griffiths for God is I AM
Marian Hall for All That Is Seen and Unseen
Zeinab Harding for The Voice of Nature
Deborah Harrison for God is Rescuer: Connection
Matthew Hayward for Where Truth is God is & Cleansed
Xander Haywood for Horizon
Rachel Ho for Shelter
Andy Hunter for Hands
Anila Hussain for God Heals
Kirsty Kerr for Shards and Seams
Haemin Ko for No body
Kirsten Lavers  for  Admitting the Possibilities of Error God Is …? The Puzzle
Megan Leigh for The Innocent Sufferer
Myles Mansfield for Deletion
Natalie Maxted for Light and Dark
Patrick Morales-Lee for Admission
Jane Morgan for A Crown Of Thorns
Fiona Morley for You are Everything
Karl Newman for Trilogy
Brian Ord for Shelter in the time of Storms
Mark Osborne for Golden algorithm
Mia Pangilinan for Forgiveness
Stephanie Sandercock  for In The Detail
Jo Scorah for Mother & Child
Gabrielle-Aimee Seguin  for Baptism
Anne Smith for Brendan
Philippine Sowerby  for  Radiant
Daphne Stephenson for Jesus in the Garden of Eden
Tony Tanner for Light at the end of the Tunnel
Teakster for The Light
Jake Tiongan de los Reyes  for  Apo Anno
Paul Wadsworth for Simply Waiting, Simply Loving
Chris Wilmott for Fish IV #1; ‘The sea is deep

Longlisted Artists

Lisa Abbott  for Journey to the Garden
Deborah Aldridge for Eternity
Lois Bentley for Tears Finding Form
Juliette Bigley for Bowl with Vessels
Yom Bo Sung for  Between Spaces
Ali Brown for Buddha Bowl
Simone Brown for  Angelic Form 3 – Testament
Alison Campain for Small world
Liz  Chapman for Significant Seven
Jonathan Collins for Transcendental Inheritance
Michael Cook for Fool of Fools
Sarah Cooling for Pierce the Veil
Catherine Coombs for  God is Joy
Anne Creasey for The Lord of the Dance II
Marine de Villepin for At work in you
Max Denison- Pender for On London Bridge
Johanna Domke-guyot  for  God is My Hero
Ben Gamble for Adam I  & Struggle Change Beauty
David Garratt  for Locus
Srabani Ghosh for ASTHA – Faith Indomitable
Annie Goliath for Hope 
Arina Gordienko for The Light of Men
Elizabeth Gray-King  for  One
Kate Green  for My King
Lorna Hamilton for  God is FREEDOM, The Fallen Mask
Deborah  Harrison  for  God is Healer: Look and Live 
Emma Haworth for  Untitled
Maisie  Henderson  for  Pleroma
Paul  Hobbs  for  70 x 7
Anthony  Hodgson  for  Musalaha
Jackie  Hopkins  for The Free Gift of the Water of Life
Jonty Hurwitz for  What Do You Believe?
B. Kevill-Davies for God is like a tarpaulin
Simon  Klein for  Prophet
Ho Lai for To The Same Place
Jennifer Litts for The Comforter
Nell Lyhne for The Flayed Ox
Jenny Meehan for Light Touch
Maggie New for Whisper
A.  Parker for Painting for an All Night Vigil
Madeleine Pires for  Endless Mystery
Ruth Powell  for Knowable-Unknown
Joan Prowse for Broken for You
Alexandra Pullen for Caged City
Jennifer Rawson for Translation
Vivienne Richards for Washing Feet
Lydia Richers for God is…present in the small moments
Chris Riley for King
Sheryl Roberts for Bring Me Light
Tracey Ross for Summer Vision
Connie Sides for God is Everything
Jude Smith for Depression
Anna Smyth for God is……. Present
Miguel Sobreira for  I Pray to God This is Fake
Hideyuki Sobue for Where Art Thou
James Sutton  for God is
Emma Thompson-Chaplin for Night Terrors
Markus Thonett for Encounter
Rebekah Ubuntu for Are You There?’
Karen  Weatherbee for God is … The Artist
Francesca Willow for Like a flood
O. Yemi Tubi for The Fishers of Men (God of Refugees

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science."

Albert Einstein