Many people are responsible for making the Chaiya Art Awards, exhibition and book happen and we are truly grateful for their input, advice, expertise, support and encouragement.

Charity Partner

Chaiya Art Awards are proud to support our charity partner UNSEEN, who have been working for over 10 years to tackle modern slavery.

Slavery impacts people in every country in the world and over 40.3 million people worldwide are trapped in some form of slavery, where vulnerable people, targetted by traffickers, are forced to work in terrible conditions.

For more information or to support them click on their logo

24/7 Modern Slavery Helpline:
Telephone:  08000 121 700
or to visit the helpline website click here.

To read more about the partnership between Chaiya Art Awards and Unseen and the benefits art can bring in helping survivors click here.

Sponsors who have supported Chaiya Art Awards

We sincerely thank the organisations below, together with other trusts and individuals  who wish to remain anonymous for their generous support.

   To visit their websites click on their logos

With appreciation for the 2021 awards

Judges: Marcus Lyon, Clive Davis, Deborah Tompsett, Jonathan Evens, Katrina Moss
Exhibition Curators: Lesley Sutton, Mike Thorpe
Exhibition Installers: Scott Miles, Ben Deakin, Ben Waggett
Marketing and PR: Kate Burke, Helen Farquharson, Katie Carter
Submissions: Zealous
Book text written by: Ann Clifford
Book Design: David Salmon
Book Publisher: Instant Apostle
Website & Graphic Design: Micah Purnell

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