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Here is a small selection of photos from the ‘Where is God in our 21st Century World?’ exhibition Press/Preview night, which are free for you to download ONLY for the purposes of publicising the Chaiya Art Awards. If you use any images, please credit the Artist and the Photographer Jonny Back. Click here for Jonny’s website.

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Graphics for 2018

609×133 Chaiya Art Awards logo and text
591×591 Chaiya Art Awards logo b/w

2018 image selection

Hardback book cover
I keep God handy in my little box by Mike Fryer
Jesus Wept by Colin Booth
Natal by Sheona Beaumont
Corvus Corax (At Anthony) by Iain Andrews
Shrouded in Mystery by Stephanie Wilson
Where do we go? by Teresa Chlapowski
Seek and You Shall Find by Karl Newman
Genes by Mandy Smith
The Other Lamb by Marjan Wouda
I know all the birds of the hills (Psalm 50:11) by Elisabeth Rutt
St Anmol by Paul Hobbs
Organised Kindness by Bridget Adams
Deborah Tompsett Winner of Chaiya Art Award
Thousand Bottles of Tears by Deborah Tompsett
Deborah being interviewed by BBC1
Katrina Moss, Founder
Judging Panel
Judging Panel, Laura Gascoigne, Ghislaine Howard, Katrina Moss, Marcus Lyon, and Mark Dean