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Graphics for 2023

591×591 Chaiya Art Awards logo b/w
Co-Founders Ann Clifford & Katrina Moss
2023 Judging Panel, Marcus Lyon, Alastair Gordon, Alastair Adams, Katrina Moss, Ann Clifford, Dr Christo Kefalas and Kaffe Fassett (Favour Jonathan not pictured)

A small selection from over 100 artworks from 2023 Awe+Wonder Exhibition

Lowering the Paralytic through the Roof by Robert Senior
Living Creatures and Mechanical Parts by David Garratt
Living Creatures and Mechanical Parts by David Garratt
Unforgiving Elements by Georgia Elliott
Unforgiving Elements by Georgia Elliott
Inattentional Blindness and the Absence of a Song by Stanley Greening
Foetus by Deborah Harrison
A BRAVE NEW WORLD by Kostyantin Malginov
Giants by Scapa Jo
Zewday and Mantagoshe by Catherine Chambers
Space by Anne Smith
Space by Anne Smith

For feedback from artists/visitors to the 2023 AWE+WONDER Exhibition click here