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Here you will find logos and graphics and a small selection of images from previous awards. which are free for you to download ONLY for the purposes of publicising the Chaiya Art Awards.
If you use any images, please credit the Artist.
Please inform us if you are using any images in publications, online or on social media.
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Graphics for 2022/23

591×591 Chaiya Art Awards logo b/w

Graphics for 2022/23

Exhibition graphic
selection of images 2
selection of images 1
book cover

2021 Winners Exhibition image selection

God is The Rest by Jennifer Bell
EROSION: GOD IS BETRAYED by Wendy Campbell-Briggs
Radiant by Philippine Sowerby
Alpha and Omega by Larain Briggs
Trilology by Karl Newman
A Crown of Thorns by Jane Morgan
Reflection by Jake Flood
Where truth is, God is by Matthew Hayward
Brendan by Anne Smith
Conversation by Judy Clarkson
Conversation by Judy Clarkson
Soul Within by Teresa Chlaplwski
Being by Sarah E Choi

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